unknown runtime error in prototype.js Line: 2457

Thursday, April 15, 2010 · Posted in

this statement in prototype.js (line 2457):
   else element.innerHTML = content.stripScripts();
gives an error : "unknown runtime error" in IE

To solve this problem, just make below changes in your code in all js

Change the statement from


only change is:
instead of using method "update",  use "update().insert"

4 Responses to “unknown runtime error in prototype.js Line: 2457”

  1. I receive error message when try to start software but thanks for helping me to fix runtime error r6034.

  2. One day i was facing runtime error in prototype.js and unable to fix this problem so I searched in google for the solution and open this web link. It is very informative so thanks to fix runtime errorof prototype.js.

  3. when i have got runtime error 2457 then my computer performance is getting very slow. I think how to fix runtime error 2457. I have tried many tools but all tools are not able to remove runtime error 2457.

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